Gene Properties

Example usage of Weights class

You can list all available gene weights names using:

In [1]: from gene.weights import Weights

In [2]: names = Weights.list_gene_weights()

In [3]: names
Out[3]: ['LGD_rank', 'RVIS_rank', 'pLI_rank', 'pRec_rank']

To create an instance of a gene weights class you can use load_gene_weights:

In [4]: w = Weights.load_gene_weights('RVIS_rank')

Alternatively you can create an instance of a Weights class:

In [2]: w = Weights('RVIS_rank')

In [3]: w.get_genes(wmax=5)
Out[3]: {'CSMD1', 'LRP1', 'PLEC', 'RYR1', 'UBR4'}

The get_genes method returns a set of genes which weight is in the specified range.

Using to_dict method one can get a dictionary with all gene weights:

In [4]: w.to_dict()
{'UBE2Q1': 5413.0,
 'RNF14': 6682.0,
 'RNF17': 10848.0,
 'RNF10': 3020.5,
 'RNF11': 9644.5,

Using to_df method we can get a data frame represenging all gene weights:

In [5]: df = w.to_df()
In [6]: df.head()
      gene  RVIS_rank
0     LRP1        3.0
1    TRRAP        6.0
2  ANKRD11       15.0
3    ZFHX3       19.0
4    HERC2        8.0

Classes and Functions